Deep Ocean Exploration of Undersea Mountains off American Samoa

Deep Ocean Exploration of Undersea Mountains off American Samoa

Exploring the ocean depths is no easy feat, but engineers and videographers at the Global Foundation for Ocean Exploration (GFOE) are used to working in extreme environments. They are at sea exploring the little-known waters of American Samoa.

Hot, mineral-rich fluid flows out of a large hydrothermal vent at the bottom of Yellowstone Lake. Credit: GFOE

“Yogi” the Robot Films Volcanic Activity in Yellowstone Lake

A new, high-tech robot recently finished its first expedition exploring the depths of Yellowstone Lake in Yellowstone National Park. Equipped with powerful lights, high-definition video cameras, and a robotic arm for sampling, the remotely operated vehicle “Yogi” now provides scientists…

An octopus guards her eggs. Credit: NOAA OER

Underwater Robots Contribute To First Protected Area In Atlantic

On September 15th, President Obama announced the formation of the first National Monument in the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic announcement comes on the heels of the President’s declaration to expand the Marine Protected Area off the shores of Hawaii to four times its current size.

“YOGI” the Robot to Explore Yellowstone Lake

“YOGI” the Robot to Explore Yellowstone Lake

“This new robot will give scientists and the Park unprecedented opportunities to study Yellowstone Lake,” said GFOE President Dave Lovalvo. “With its high-definition video cameras and sampling capabilities, researchers will be able to obtain information about this unique environment that, in the past, has been very difficult to access. The Park doesn’t have this kind of underwater capability, and that’s why we want to help.”

Credit: Art Howard

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