Research Vessel ANNIE

R/V Annie. Credit: Daniel R. Rogers

RV Annie. Credit: Daniel R. Rogers

Annie is a 40’ long aluminum research vessel that was designed and built to support many types of science and exploration-related tasks.  She is powered by twin diesels coupled to very powerful jet drives and is uniquely outfitted with complete station keeping capability.  Lacking the need to anchor, she is an ideal platform for Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) operations. Additionally, Annie is ideally equipped for side-scan and multibeam sonar projects, gravity coring, or any other sensor deployments with no anchoring required.

The vessel is also designed to be deployed in remote locations, using a heavy-lift helicopter or from larger ships such as ice breakers using ship-mounted cargo cranes.  The cabin is uniquely set up as a fully climate controlled control room with significant console workspace and room for rack-mounting electronics.  Interior custom framework facilitates the mounting of a large array of high definition video and computer monitors, as well as navigation and audio equipment.

She is currently being used for research in Yellowstone Lake, supporting Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), ROV and multiple coring and sensor deployments, but can easily be trailered to other areas of interest.  Annie is named after the first vessel to sail on Yellowstone Lake during the Hayden Expedition in 1871.

Interested in using Annie?  Contact or call (860) 572-7979

Control room on <em>R/V Annie.</em> Credit: Daniel R. Rogers

Annie’s control room during dive operations. Credit: Daniel R. Rogers

AUV operations from the Annie. Credit: Dave Lovalvo

AUV operations from the Annie. Credit: Dave Lovalvo

Annie with ROV Yogi onboard with tether spool, launch and recovery articulating crane, and USBL pole. Image: D. Lovalvo


Annie’s control room showing ROV/AUV operations center, tool cabinets and helm station. Image: D. Lovalvo