Underwater Filmmaking


This education module will help students of all ages learn about underwater filmmaking and being an ocean communicator. When you click on an image, the information will be on the right.

Underwater Filmmaking Facts

Have some questions about underwater filmmaking? Learn some basic facts that will introduce you to this exciting field!


Enjoy a selection of videos on some tips and tricks for underwater filmmaking, whether you have a GoPro or DSLR. Click the 3-dot icon in the upper right of the video to see the full playlist.

Filmmaking Essays

A selection of essays: Behind-the-scenes of the Global Foundation for Ocean Exploration’s video team at sea; filmmaking on an ice breaker in the Arctic; and links to different websites with insights on how to get started as an underwater filmmaker.

Filmmaking Careers

Can working with wolves lead to a career in ocean filmmaking? What is it like working at sea? What career paths are there in underwater filmmaking? You can learn what it takes to bring the ocean to audiences around the world.

Think About It

  1. If you were an underwater filmmaker, what message would you convey through your film and why?
  2. How could your film positively influence others’ views toward the ocean?
  3. What technology and props could you use at home to make a film about the ocean?