Mike Durbin

Dr. Mike Durbin Electrical/Satellite Engineer

Mike started his professional career in the US Army where he worked with the Army Security Agency as a satellite engineer working with the Army and NASA at a deep space research station in Asmara Ethiopia. Following the Army, Mike continued to support NASA and the Army as a consultant for 2 years before returning to the US to finish his BS degree in Electrical engineering at Texas A&M. Mike continued work in satellite communications while working for Rockwell International and a small satellite company called Dalsat. Mike was the lead engineer and instructor for many systems around the world which included designing and installing a system for the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. Mike has continued his education and received his Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering. Mike has designed and operated satellite systems on board exploration ships and other exploration platforms worldwide for over 27 years as a private consultant. Mike has been working with radios and electronics since he was 9 years old when he earned his first Amateur radio license, and still loves to design and support communications systems of all types. Projects range from very low frequencies through very high frequencies around the world. Mike is proud and honored to be working with his son Mark Durbin on many exploration projects. Mike resides in Telephone, Texas with his family and horses.