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New online! Check out our education modules for students and educators.

Coming in May! Valor in the Atlantic Expedition – all wrecks, all the time.

Engineers, videographers, data specialists, and educators. We are the Global Foundation for Ocean Exploration. Our team designs, builds, and operates robotic platforms that explore the most extreme underwater environments on the planet—from the deep ocean to the largest lakes. We share our discoveries with the public through our education modules.

Today we are celebrating #oceanexplorationday! We have discovered that the deep sea is full of life that we are just beginning to understand. By exploring the ocean, we learn more about our planet, our human maritime history, and our capabilities in engineering.



In 2016, @oceanexplorer ROV #Okeanos explored the #midwater biome. An analyses of midwater biodiversity from that dive will be presented at #AGU22. See Isabel Moyer’s talk @ Tues 3 pm CST to learn more: https://fal.cn/3un7H

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Building a World-Class, Worldwide Ocean Exploration Program

Exploring the earth’s greatest depths. Producing the tools needed to get there. Bringing together global partners. Our team designs, builds, and operates some of the most capable underwater robotic technology in the field.  From ocean depths to lake bottoms, our 501(c)3 nonprofit organization knows no boundaries when it comes to exploration. We actively seek opportunities for collaboration. Read our recent news stories from the field and watch videos from our award-winning videographers on YouTube. You can be part of the mission by making a donation to our organization. Help us explore your world!